Irradiation Effects in Nuclear Materials, September 2015

The MFFP group organised a three-day workshop in Oxford on on “Irradiation effects in Nuclear Materials” in Oxford, 23th September to 25rd September 2015. The theme of the meeting was to consider the influence of different irradiation types – neutrons, ions (single and multi beam), protons; and irradiation parameters – dose, dose rate, temperature – on the resultant microstructures and properties.

Photographs from the meeting, taken by Jack Haley, are now available here.

The meeting was centred on about a dozen keynote lectures (50 minutes), with ample time for discussions centred around the lectures and two substantial poster sessions.

Speakers were:

  • Gary Was
  • Kazuto Arakawa
  • Peter Hosemann
  • Steve Donnelly
  • Frank Garner
  • Steve Fitzgerald
  • Roger Stoller
  • Daniel Mason
  • Karl Whittle
  • Emmanuelle Marquis
  • Chris Hardie
  • Brian Wirth
  • Sergei Dudarev

Accommodation and poster sessions were at St Edmund Hall, one of the historic colleges of Oxford. Lectures were held in Oxford University's Physical Chemistry Laboratory.