Irradiation general and irradiated materials

A place for keeping non-journal-paper documents (reviews etc.) to do with irradaition methods or irradiated materials. So far:

  • List of specimens belonging to UCSB held at INL
    • summary document
    • spreadsheet giving full details of each capsule and packet.
  • "Preliminary Assessment of Radiation Effects in Graphite under High Energy Proton Irradiation" Meimei Li,Nuclear Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Ghoniem & Kulcinski, 1978. A report on effects of pulsed irradaition compared to steady state, both modelling and experiment. Focus is on applications to ICF, but of general interest.  
  • Titchmarch 2009: An assessment of materials issues for inertial confinement fusion, carried out for the HiPER project.
  • "EXTREMAT" project (Petten-NRG irradiations):
    • spreadsheet with specimen list
    • a report from NRG
    • a letter from NRG concerning the EXTREMAT-II irradiation