MFFP "Showcase" open meeting, December 2014

A one-day event at Oxford on “Materials for Fusion and Fission Power”, on Wednesday 10th December 2014.

The Materials for Fusion and Fission Power (MFFP) project, with core funding from an EPSRC programme grant, has been operational since 2009, and this event is showcased advances made in the project, and to discussed applications in future nuclear research and technology.

The MFFP project is based at Oxford, Liverpool and Huddersfield Universities, and involves substantial collaborations with the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), Rolls Royce, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the CEA.

We have made considerable progress in the processing, characterisation and testing of advanced materials for applications in high-temperature, high-radiation environments, including

  • Establishing a processing centre for Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened steels, producing “tailored” alloys;
  • Integrated use of electron microscopy, atom-probe tomography, materials modelling and mechanical testing for characterisation of radiation damage effects on structure and mechanical properties;
  • Developing and applying new micro-mechanical testing methods for testing irradiated materials.

MFFP research has contributed substantially to establishing the National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF), in particular the new active-materials research facility (MRF) at CCFE.

The meeting was from 9.30am to 4pm on 10th December, in the Andrew Wiles building, Radcliffe Infirmary Site, Woodstock Road.

The timetable for the day was as follows:



Arrival, registration


Steve Roberts

Introduction: “MFFP” nuclear
materials research: integrating processing, characterisation, testing and


David Armstrong

Micromechanical testing of irradiated materials



Break, posters


Martina Meisnar

Environmentally assisted cracking  and grain boundary oxidation


Xiaoou Yi

TEM and modelling of radiation damage



Lunch (and group photo)


Patrick Grant

Reduced activation Oxide Dispersion Strengthened  alloys - processing and properties


Steve Roberts

Ions beams as a proxy for neutron irradiation



Break, posters


Martin O'Brien (CCFE)

National Nuclear User Facility: current status and future prospects


David Rugg (RR)

Round  - up (stakeholder view)