Previous Conferences

Listing of Conferences which members of the project have attended..

23-25 Sep 2013  Oxford Tungsten Meeting  Oxford, UK
25-27 Sep 2013  Oxford Modelling Meeting  Oxford, UK
6-11 Oct 2013  Nano and Micromechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development V  Algarve, Portugal  D. Armstrong, J Herring
7-10 Oct 2013  3rd International Workshop on Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS-3)  INL, Idaho, USA  G. Smith
13-19 Oct 2013  Cargese Internation School - Small Scale Placticity  Cargese, Corsica  A. Wilkinson
20-26 Oct 2013  16th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials  Beijing, China  P. Edmondson
28-29 Nov 2013  5th n-FAME (Fe-Cr and ODS)  Rome, Italy                                     
 no website, Ele has details
1-6 Dec 2013  MRS Fall  Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2-4 Dec 2013  MIIFED (Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days)  Monaco

3-4 Dec 2013  Nanoscale Materials and Advances Characterization Techniques  Dresden, Germany
27-30 Oct 2014 NuMat 2014 Hilton Clearwater, Florida  P. Edmondson, S. Fitzgerald