Weekly Project Meetings

These meetings, every Friday morning at 9.30-10.30 (usually in the Banbury Road meeting room) are where we present and discuss work in progress. Meetings are followed by further discussions, work-related or more general, over coffee.

Past presentations are kept on a "sharepoint" site for which a username and password are required. From June 2016, entries in italics show presentations currently available. For earlier presentations, those available are linked to an now-unmaintained archive, and these presentations are also on the sharepoint site.

Topics of meetings so far:

02/11/18  Mohamed Abdallah Reza    Laser transient measurements of property evolution in tungsten armour.
26/10/18 Shahnaz Hoque and various   Update on NuMat meeting and EDF visit
05/10/18 Shahnaz Hoque   Report on ITER visit
05/10/18 Jack Haley   Interstitial and vacancy defects in irradiated FeCr
28/09/18 Suchandrima Das   PFE Modelling of Nano indentation
28/09/18 Eugene Zayachuk   Irradiiation effets on SiC Fracture
21/09/18  Fengxian Liu   Introduction to Modelling work
21/09/18 Daniel Celis Garza   Report on his recent collaboratory visit
14/09/18 Simon Heuer (Juelich)   Iron tungsten composites
14/09/18 Tom Swinburne (LANL)   Radiation embrittlement
15/06/18 Tom Davis   Placement at Office of Nuclear Regulation
15/06/18 Eugene Zayachuk   TKD orientaion maps on SiC-SiC
08/06/18 Jack Haley   Explaining the origin of helical dislocations
08/06/18 Alex Leide   Ion-implanted reaction bonded Sic
25/05/18 Dr Degang Xie (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China   Thermomechanical and chemomechanical experimants by in situ TEM: a case study on hydrogen embrittlement / damage
25/05/18 Bo-Shiuan Li   Report on in-situ EM workshop in KIT Nord
18/05/18 Phani Karamched   Optimus Prime - high resolution TKD imaging
18/05/18 Iacopo Rovelli (Imperial)   Dynamics of annealing of dilocation and vancy structures in tungsten and iron
11/05/18 Simon Heuer (visitor)   Iron Tungsten composites
11/05/18 Jack Haley   Working wit Oxford Sparks: public awareness video production
04/05/18 Ivo Sulak   Nanotomography of graphite and nanoindentation tests of HOPG
04/05/18 Mike Gorley (CCFE)   Overview of the materials part of the £86m National Fusion Technology Platform
04/05/18 Ed Darnbrough   Summary of recent TAGSI/FESI meeting
29/04/18 Matt Lloyd   Collaboration with Los Alamos natioanl Laboratory on kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of W-Re
29/04/18 Dong Liu   Squashing TRISO fuel particles at 1000c with real time imaging
29/04/18 Robbie Abertnethy   Report on placement at the Welsh Assembly
20/04/18 Ben Evans   Manufacture of coatings and claddings for Nuclear Applications
20/04/18 Hongbing Yu   3d Reconstruction of Spatial Distribution of Irradiation Induced Dislocation loops
20/04/18 Ed Darnbrough   Improving Fission Fuels: The role of thermal conductivity
30/03/18     Easter Break
23/03/18     Microscopy of Irradiation Damage Conference
16/03/18 Tomas Martin (Bristol)   Bristol University nuclear materials research and facilities
16/03/18 Ben Jenkins   Research update
16/03/18 Artem Lunev (CCFE)   Disclocation substructures in Oxide Nuclear Fuel
09/03/18 Dr H Tanigawa (Rokkasho Institure Japan)   IFMIF prototype
23/02/18 James Marrow   Self Introduction
02/03/18 Jacob Chapman (CCFE)   Self Introduction and recent work on modelling Fe-Cr alloys
23/02/18 Haiyang Yu   3D DDp modelling of HCP materials
23/02/18 Guanze He   In situ TEM observation of second phase particles in zirconium alloys
16/02/18 Group Talk    
09/02/18 Phil Earp   Twinning in Uranium
09/02/18 Tomoaki Suzudo (JAEA)   Computational study of solute effects on radiation damage in W alloys
02/02/18 Bo-Shiuan Li   Recent results on HIgh T Micro mechanics of SiC
02/02/18 Tom Fabes   Defects in Diamond (pt2 project update)
02/02/18 Max Boleininger (CCFE)   Edge dislocation core modelling
26/01/18 Georgina Mordue   Update on project - Toughness of Graphite for Gen IV
26/01/18 Angus Wilkinson   Self Introduction
19/01/18 Arthur Hussey   Testing fibre-matrix interfaces in SiC/SiC composites
19/01/18 Jack Haley   Helical dislocations in irradiated Fe
12/01/18 Group talk    
15/12/17  John Waite   Microstructure and Properties of High Entropy Alloys
15/12/17 Duc Nguyen Mahn (CCFE)   Ab initio modelling of high entropy alloys
08/12/17 Slava Kuksenko   Effects of High Energy proton irradiation on beryllium
08/12/17 Patrick Hurh (Fermilab)   The Radiate Project
01/12/17 Shahnaz Hoque and Bethany Jim   Self Introductions
01/12/17  Daniel Mason   Model for Hydrogen retention by dislocations
24/11/17  Bo-Shiuan Li    Stable high temperature micro fracture tests of tungsten cantilevers
24/11/17 Ed Tarleton, David Attwood, Tom Fabes,Abdallah Reza   Self introduction
17/11/17 Slava Kuksenko   Beryllium nanoindentation data - experiments and CPFEM
17/11/17 Carmen Makepeace   Oxidation of Beryllium
17/11/17 David Armstrong   Self introduction
10/11/17 Dong Liu   Nanoindentation on Irradiated graphite
10/11/17 Yatir Linden   Microstructural analysis of radiation damage in superconductors
10/11/17 Zhouran Zhang   Manufacture, characterisation and properties of high entropy alloys
10/11/17 Felix Hofmann   Self-introduction
03/11/17 Edward Roberts   High resolution characterisation of H in stress corrossion cracking
03/11/17 Gustaf Behmer   2D DDP modelling of Uranium
03/11/17 Arthur Hussey   SiC-SiC push out tests
03/11/17 Will Iliffe   Radiation Damage of Superconducting Materials
03/11/17 Chris Grovenor   Self-introduction
27/10/17 Megan Carter   Microstructure & Neutron irradiation defects in steel
27/10/17 Robin de Meyere   Micromechanical studies of melt infiltrated SiC/SiC
27/10/17 Steve Roberts   Self-introduction
20/10/17 Edd Rowe   Manufacturing thick tungsten coatings and mapping residual strain distributions.
20/10/17 Alex Leide   Indentation and residual stress measurements of RB-SiC
20/10/17 Edd Rowe   Manufacturing thick tungsten coatings and mapping residual strain distributions
13/10/17 Dave Armstrong   State of the Union - MFFP group brief history and future plans
13/10/17 David Collins   Goodbye and thanks for the fish - farewell report on his resesrch at Oxford
06/10/17 Daniel Celis Garza   Parallelisation of DD code - project update
29/09/17 Grace Burke ( Manchester)   EM of nuclear materials
29/09/17 Jack Haley   TEM of Ion, Proton and neutron damage in FeCR
22/09/17 Junliang Liu   In situ Ion irradiation in Zr-1Nb alloys in MIAMI II
22/09/17 Yevhen Zayachuk   Report from trip to Chernobyl
15/09/17  Felix Hofmann    FIB damage in nano-crystals
15/09/17 Mikhail Lavrentiev   Report from 2nd Workshop on Research into Nulclear Fuel & Cladding
07/07/17 Steven VanBoxel (CCFE)   Update on the CCFE materials research facility
07/07/17 Leo Ma (CCFE)   Quantum diffusion of self-interstitials in tungsten
30/06/17 Chris Hardie   Understanding the effects of radiation damage on mechanical properties of ferrous alloys
30/06/17  Daniel Celis Garza   Dislocation modelling
23/06/17 Jason Hess and Andree De Backer (CCFE)   Preliminary results from the TriCEM project - (Tritium retention in controlled and evolving microstructure)
23/06/17 Hongbing Yu   Irradiation damage in zirconium
16/06/17 Andrew London   New ODS materials - the story so far....
16/06/17 Daniel Mason (CCFE)   Direct observation of the spatial distribution of defect clusters within primary damage sascades.
09/06/17 Robbie Abernethy   Effects of Irradiation in Tungsten
09/06/17 Andrea Sand (Helsinki)   Simulations of neutron and ion damage in tungsten.
02/06/17 Thomas Davis   Ions vs Neutrons in RAFM and ODS steels
02/06/17 Luke Hewitt   Effects of Carbon content on irradiation response of FeCr alloys
02/06/17 Tom Davis   Microstructural and Mechanical Investigation of Ion vs Neutron Damage in ODS Steel
02/06/17 Tom Davis and Matt Lloyd   University of Bristol Nuclear courses
26/05/17 Mahmoud Mostafi (Bristol)    
26/05/17 Sergei Dudarev (CCFE)    
19/05/17 Alex Leide   Processing of SiC intermetallic composites
19/05/17 Robert Abertnethy   Updates on radiation damage in tungsten
12/05/17 Shixiang Zhao   3D Characterization of Damage Development in SiC/SiC ceramic composite vis X-Ray tomography and digital volume correlation.
12/05/17 Chris Jones    Micromechanics of irradiated steel
05/05/17 Denis Zaboronsky, Tinger Wen, Stephen Turrell    Part II talks
21/04/17 Patrick Hurh ( Fermilab)   Materials challenges in particle accelerators
07/04/17 Dong Liu   Damage and fracture in nuclear graphite at elevated temperatures using diffraction and imaging
07/04/17 Rima Das   Helium implanted tungsten using X-rays
31/03/17 Steve Roberts   Counting ions in irradiated samples
31/03/17 Viacheslav Kuksenko   Fracture of cantilevers in Beryllium
31/03/17 Luke Hewitt   Cantilevers in iron alloys
24/03/17 Duc Nguyan   Modelling of rhenium clusters in tungsten
24/03/17 Matthew Noble   Bubble lattices
17/03/17 Eugene Zayachuk   Fracture paths in SiC composites
17/03/17 Bo Shiuan Li   Crack measuring accurate growth in tungsten
17/03/17 Jack Haley   TEM of neutron irradiated iron chrome
10/03/17 Viacheslav Kuksenko   Nano-indentation of ion irradiated Beryllium
10/03/17 Anna Kareer   Nono-indentation and HR-EBSD of plastic zones in ion irradiated Fe6Cr
17/02/17 Philip Earp   HR-EBSD measurements on Uranium to quantify stress concentrating features.
10/02/17 Guma Yeli, Maria Auger, Anna Kareer   UK/USA collaboration on comparing Ion and Neutron irradiation in Fe alloys
03/02/17 Chris Hardie   Strengthable project update
03/02/17 Joven Lim (CCFE)   TEM of radiation damage and future plans
03/02/17 Steve Roberts   Irradiated materials archive
27/01/17 Jack Haley   Image analysis developments in radiation damage
20/01/17 Helen Pratt   General atomics
13/01/17 Dr Vivian Tong   Grain growth in zirconium alloys
13/01/17 Dr Sam Humphrey-Baker   Divertor Materials
17/12/16 Matthew Lloyd   Modelling additive manufacturing
09/12/16 Tom Davis   Irradiation damage in 316 stainless steel
09/12/16 Stalla Pedrazzini   Atom probe of environmentally assisted crack tips
03/12/16 Mark Gilbert (CCFE)   Fusion vs Fission, activation and transmutation
25/11/16 Takahiro Ishizaki ( Hitachi)   Radiation Effect and SCC behaviour of oxide dispersion strengthened austeristic stainless steel
25/11/16 Viacheslav Kuksenko   Experimental investigation of irradiation effects in beryllium.
18/11/16 Hamid Abdolvand   Crystal plasticity in hcp metals
18/11/16 Tom Swinburne (CCFE)   Dislocation modelling
14/10/16 Bo Shiuan-Li   High temperature micro-fracture in tungsten
30/09/16 Alex Clackett (CCFE)   Indentation of Cu Cr Zr alloys for fussion
23/09/16 Robbie Abernethy   In situ micro compression deformation of irradiated tungsten rhenium alloy
23/09/16 Glenn Jones   Collaboration report - Glenns work in l.A
16/09/16 Alex Leide   Reaction-bonded SiC for Fusion
16/09/16 John Waite
  High entropy alloys
09/09/16 Andree de backer   Cascade formation
09/09/16 Luke Hewitt   Irradiation effects in iron chrome alloys
02/09/16 Helen Pratt   High temperature nano-indentationof silicon carbide
02/09/16 James Sayers   Effects of pH on hydrogen pick up and corrosion in Zircaloy
26/08/16 Jack Haley   Collaboration report - what Jack did in Oak Ridge
26/08/16 Masa Scepvanovic   Ion irradiation in ODS steels APT, TEM and Indentation
01/07/16 Felix Hofmann   The damaging consequences of FIBing
01/07/16 Damien Hampshire
(U. Durham)
  Superconductors for fusion power
24/06/16 Shixiang Zhao   In situ testing of SiC/SiC tubes by X-ray tomography
24/06/16 Masa Scepanovic   (new visitor from UC3M): introduction and plans
17/06/16 Bo-Shiuan Li   High-temperature micro-fracture tests of tungsten
17/06/16 Helen Pratt  

Effects of ion irradiation damage on mechanical behaviour in silicon carbide

10/06/16 Tom Scott (Bristol)   The Southwest Nuclear Hub
10/06/16 Alasdair

ODS Cu, we can maybe make it, what now?

03/06/16 Robbie Abernethy  

Update on his CDT Collaboratory in UC Berkeley

03/06/16 Edd Rowe  

Update on W coatings for fusion applications

27/05/16 Andrea Sand
(U. Helsinki)

New MD simulations of very high energy collision cascade events

27/05/16 Selim Barhli   Obtaining the J-integral by diffraction-based
crack-field strain mapping
20/05/16 Megan Cordill
(U. Leoben)

Overview of materials research at Leoben 

20/05/16 Eugene Zayachuk   Preliminary characterization of General
Atomics SiC-SiC fibre composite.

Sarah Connolly

  Thermal ageing of ODS clad tubes
13/05/16 Alex Hartmaier
(ICAM, Bochum)

 ICAM overview


13/05/16 Eugene Zayachuk   Indents and pile up in He-plasma exposed W
13/05/16 Adrian Matthew   DD modelling of size effects and cyclic loading
06/05/16 Anna Kareer   Lift out from indentation in T91 steel
06/05/16 Jack Haley   TEM of irradiated Fe-Cr
06/05/16 Chris Jones   Micromechanics of p-irradiated ODS steels
29/04/16 Sarah Connolly & Zuliang Hong  

Dresden ODS workshop report 

29/04/16 Mohsen Danaie   In-situ heating TEM experiment on Xe-irradiated YBCO
29/04/16 Steve Roberts   Progress with the CCFE Materials Research Facility
22/04/16 Yeli Guma   APT and hardening in ion-irradiated T91 steel
22/04/16 Slava Kuksenko   Be irradiation at CERN in the HiRadMat experiment
15/04/16 Duc Nguyen   Anomalous precipitation in dilute solution tungsten alloys induced by neutron irradiation
15/04/16 Yichao Mayczhu   Incorporating dislocation short-range correlations intomodels of dislocation continua
25/03 - 08/04/16 No meetings    
18/03/16 Maria Auger   APT results from irradiated HT9 steel
18/03/16 Brian Setiadinata   Fe impurity redistribution during oxidation of Zr-Nb alloys cladding
18/03/16 James Marrow   The new X-ray tomography equipment
11/03/16 Baoqin Fu (new visitor)   Background, introduction and plans


Anna Kareer   Nanohardness and microcantilever testing of irradiated steels
11/03/16 Kiyohiro Yabuuchi (visiting CCFE from Kyoto)    
04/03/16 Steve Roberts   CCFE MRF
04/03/16 Zuliang Hong   Recent progress on melt spin based ODS steel processing
04/03/16 Matthew Noble   Overview of the talks at TMS 2016
04/03/16 Stella Pedrazzini   Atom Probe and TEM characterisation ofion implanted superconducting perovskite
26/02/16 Prof Akihiro Kimura and group   Half-day meeting.
19/02/16 Robbie Abernethy   Collaboratory plans
19/02/16 Junnan Jiang   Macro- and micro-mechanical testing of grain boundary sliding
19/02/16 Dong Liu   In situ high temperature tomography work on nuclear graphite at the Advanced Light Source, LBNL
12/02/16 No meeting    

Shixiang Zhao

  Analysis and modelling of SiC-SiC composites
05/02/16 Andrew London
  Simulating ion-beam mixing with SRIM
05/02/16 Bo-Shiuan Li   Hot micro-fracture of chevron-notched W
29/01/16 Steve Roberts   Effects of nitrogen and boron ion implantation into SiC
29/01/16 Helen Pratt   Effects of silicon ion  implantation into SiC
29/01/16 Dave Armstrong   Collaborative  project
with UC Berkeley et al on SiC composites for nuclear applications
22/01/16 Robbie Abernethy   Brittle to ductile transition in neutron-irradiated tungsten
22/01/16 Natalia Luzginova (CCFE)  

Surveillance results for research reactor vessel materials

11/12/15 Aneeqa Khan
  Effects of Re irradiation on the mechanical properties of W
11/12/15 Joven Lim

Microstructural evolution of Fe2+ irradiated Alloy 800H

04/12/15 Phil Earp, Ben Jenkins, John Waite, Carmen Makepeace and Alex Leide   1st -year D.Phil students: project plans and initial progress.
27/11/15 Thomas Schwarz-Selinger
  Hydrogen uptake and isotope exchange studies in self damaged tungsten
27/11/15 Jack Haley   Proton irradiation and the DCF
20/11/15 Robbie Abernethy
& Jack Haley
  MINOS 2015 meeting - flux and dose effects
20/11/15 Kris Bhojwani   APT of irradiated an annealed 14YWT ODS
13/11/15 Yevhen Zayachuk   Suppression of D retention in plasma-exposed Mo-coated W
13/11/15 James Sayers  

Hydrogen desorption in Zircaloy-4

06/11/15 Bo-Shiuan Li   Chevron-notch microfracture in Si and W
06/11/15 Judith Dohr   Micromechanics of SCC fracture
06/11/15 Daniel Kiener (Leoben)   Microscale testing of irradiated materials
30/10/15 Michal Dagan  

FIM of irradiated W

30/10/15 Steve Roberts   The Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory
30/10/15 Glenn Jones   Modelling microstructural evolution in tungsten
23/10/15 Jing Hu  

TEM analysis of irradiated Zr-1.0Nb

23/10/15 Katie Plummer, Junnan Jiang & Anna Kareer   Report on the recent ECI (small scale mechanics) meeting
16/10/15 Aidan Robinson  

Bubble lattices

16/10/15 Robbie Abernethy   Mechanical properties of tungsten
16/10/15 Zuliang Hong   Melt spinning ODS steel processing
09/10/15 Tomoaki Suzudo (Japanese Atomic Energy Agency)   Modelling of radiation/aging effects in bcc metals - Atomistic simulations and experimental evidence
09/10/15 Yevhen Zayachuk  

 Local effects of high ion flux plasma exposure of tungsten

02/10/15 Slava Kuksenko    Beryllium: properties and radiation damage
02/10/15 Helen Pratt    Radiation Damage in SiC
02/10/15 Edd Rowe    Vacuum plasma sprayed W
28/09/15     No meeting (MFFP workshop)
18/09/15 Andrew London    XRD of phase stability of particles in irradiated  ODS steels
18/09/15 Katie Plummer    Temperature-dependent  mechanical properties of molybdenum
18/09/15 Kris Bhojwani    Phase stability in ODS steels
11/09/15 Judith Dohr    
11/09/15 Maria Auger    APT of irradiated 14YWT ODS steel
11/09/15 Daniel Mason
   Automated counting of defects in irradiated W
04/09/15 Bo Chen
  Creep life evaluation for AGR boiler plant
28/08/15 Noor Mulheron (IC)  

EBSD characterisation of selected laser melted materials for divertor components

28/08/15 Felix Hofmann  

Recent X-ray measurements in D-implantation-induced blisters in tungsten

04/09/15 Howard Chan    
17/07/15 Edd Rowe  

Tungsten coatings for fusion

17/07/15 Baptiste Cunin   From neutron irradiation to material damage
17/07/15 Amaury Coullet   From the nuclear reaction database to PKA spectra
17/07/15 Cédric Jullien   Decay heat  for structural fission and fusion materials
10/07/15 Judith Dohr  

Micromechanics of oxidized grain boundaries

10/07/15 Felix Hofmann   Thermal diffusivity changes in ion-implanted tungsten and iron
10/07/15 Sarah Connolly   Novel ODS alloy processing
03/07/15 Stella Pedrazzini  

Irradiation damage in Perovskites

03/07/15 Mohsen Danaie   TEM Characterization of (Ca,La)TiO3 Perovskites in pristine and Xe-irradiated states
03/07/15 James Gibson   Mechanical properties of neutron-irradiated tungsten
26/06/15 Chris Jones   Proton irradiation of ODS steels.
19/06/15  Mark Gilbert   PKA spectra under neutron irradiation
19/06/15 Bo-Shiuan Li   International Conference on Mechanical Behaviour 12
12/06/15     No meeting
05/06/15 Alex Cackett (CCFE)   Small-scale testing using transmission Kikuchi diffraction
05/06/15 Guillaume Bruel (Grenoble)   introduction and outline of project
05/06/15  Matthew Jordan  

 3D experimental observation of notch behaviour in nuclear graphite

29/05/15 Yevhen Zayachuk   SIMS measurements of grain-specific deuterium uptake in plasma-exposed tungsten
29/05/15 Selim Barhli  

 Crack strain energy release rate calculation from synchrotron XRD maps

22/05/15 Ed Tarleton  

Modelling of hydrogen diffusion and mechanical testing

22/05/15 Slava Kuksenko    In-situ TEM irradiation of Be at MIAMI.
15/05/15 Jack Nicholas (Engineering)   New fusion reactor divertor designs
15/05/15 Richard Nygren (Sandia NL)  

 New Visions for Fusion Materials and Diagnostics

08/05/15 Felix Hofmann  

What might people at Oxford get out of a nuclear beamline at Diamond?

08/05/15 Maxime Sauzay (CEA)   Modelling of grain boundary fracture
01/05/15 Jan Wrobel (CCFE)   First-principles modelling of multicomponent alloys
01/05/15 Kris Bhojwani  

Using the Idaho national lab / CAES irradiated materials facility – how to apply.

24/04/15 Felix Hofmann   Highlights from the recent TMS meeting
24/04/15 Francesco Ferroni   Concurrent dual beam He and W in-situ high-temperature irradiation in tungsten
24/04/15 Jing Hu   High resolution microstructure study on oxidation and hydrogen pick-up of Zr-Nb fuel cladding alloys
17/04/15 Yevhen Zayachuk   plasma-exposed tungsten (blisters, nanoindentation, Mo film etc)
17/04/15 Bo-Shiuan Li  

: fracture of chevron-notched Si microcantilevers

27/03/15 Mark Gilbert (CCFE)   FISPACT and the FISPACT Handbook
13/03/15 Gabor Csanyi (Cambridge)   GAP interatomic potentials for tungsten
13/03/15 Mohsen Danaie   TEM of ion radiation damage in Ca(1-x)La2x/3TiO3 Perovskite
06/03/15 Sergio Lozano-Perez   Stress corrosion cracking
06/03/15 Steve Roberts   Oxford Materials and the MFFP group
06/03/15 Cyrille van Effenterre    Activities of the French Embassy in science and technology
27/02/15 Selim Barhli    
27/02/15 Francesco Ferroni    
27/02/15 Jack Haley   Proton Irradation Facilities at Birmingham
20/02/15 Yelena Vertyagina        3D Cellular automata fracture model for porous graphite
20/02/15 Charles Hirst    Atom probe tomography of zirconium alloys for nuclear fission
13/02/15 Mike Gorley   The CCFE Technology Programme
13/02/15 Judith Dohr    
06/02/15 Junnan Jiang   Micromechanics of grain boundary sliding


Maria Auger   Analysis of Hf-Y2O3 ODS steel powders
30/01/15 Luis Saucedo   X-ray tomography of SiC-SiC tests
30/01/15 Matthew Noble   Phase-field modelling of bubble lattices
30/01/15 Howard Chan   Micromechanics of Zr-hydrides
30/01/15 Katie Plummer   High temperature indentation of Mo
23/01/15 Yevhen Zayachuk   He plasma - tungsten experiments at DIFFER
23/01/15 John Waite   Even Higher Entropy Alloys
23/01/15 Bo-Shiuan Li   Fracture of chevron-notched microcantilevers
16/01/15 Ed Tarleton   Dislocation dynamics modelling
16/01/15 Gemma Pimental   Introduction and plans
05/12/14 Luke Hewitt   Rastering vs defocused ion beams - effects of C in Fe
05/12/14 Yina Huang   Ex - D.Phil students materials arachive


Anna Kareer   IRP project meeting report
28/11/14 Luis Saucedo Mora   Multiscale modelling of a graphite component
28/11/14 James Gibson   Neutron-irradiated W - KIT experiments
21/11/14 Ed Tarleton   FEA - 3D-DD combined modelling
21/11/14 Stella Pedrazzini    Atom probe studies of radiation damage in perovskites
21/11/14 Fusion CDT 1st year students    

Materials issues in ICF compared with MCF

14/11/14 Chris Jones   Micromechanics of proton-irradiated ODS steels
14/11/14 Alexander Barashev (Oak Ridge)   Advances in understanding radiation growth of zirconium


Maria Auger  

Mystery slide!

07/11/14 James Gibson   Mechanical properties of irradiated tungsten
07/14/14 Luke Hewitt  

Effects of raster scanning vs continuous ion

07/11/14 Andrew London   Nanoanalysis of irradiated oxide
dispersion strengthened steels
31/10/14 Martina Meisnar   Atom probe tomography of stress corrosion
crack tips
31/10/14 Michal Dagan   FIM visualisation of radiation damage in W
31/10/14 Bo-Shiuan Li  

Report on Padua (Padova) fusion meeting

24/10/14 Anna Kareer  

Introduction, background and project

24/10/14 Christian Robertson (CEA)   Channel formation during post-irradiation tensile straining - 3D-DD
17/10/14 Steve Roberts   MFFP Group: "State of the Union"
10/10/14 Alan Xu   Radiation-induced clustering in W-Re-Ta alloys
10/10/14 Daniel Thompson   Point defects and climb in iron


 Xiaoou Yi   Recent in-situ TEM work at Argonne National Lab
03/10/14  Kris Bhojwani
   Alpha-prime precipitationin Fe-Cr alloys
26/09/14 Steven Van Boxel
  Imaging and analysis at the µm-scale
26/09/14 Yina Huang   Workshop on TEM characterization of Irradiation Induced Defects
26/09/14 James Sayers  

Hydrogen desorption of Zircaloy-4


Ruixun Xie

  High-entropy alloys
19/09/14 Katie Plummer   Micromechanical testing of molybdenum
12/09/14 Dong Liu (Bristol)   Micromechanical testing of graphite
12/09/14 James Gibson    
12/09/14 Emmanuel Andrieu
  Frenkel pair prediction
05/09/14 Jing Hu    TEM of Zr-1%Nb nuclear fuel cladding alloys
05/09/14 Junnan Jiang   Micromechanical grain boundary testing

Hamidreza Abdolvand

   3-D stress development in HCP polycrystals
29/08/14 Howard Chan   Micromechanics of Zr Hydrides

India Kirkpatrick

22/08/14 Maria Auger   Atom-probe study of ODS steels
22/08/14 Aidan Robinson   Bubble lattices in Cu and Zr
15/08/14 Daniel Thompson  

Dislocation dynamics modelling

15/08/14 Martina Meisnar   Studying stress corrosion cracking with the new JEOL ARM200 and recent progress in APT
08/08/14 Ed Tarleton   DD and FEA modelling
08/08/14 Elisabeth Le Roux
(CCFE intern)
  Decay heat benchmarking
08/08/14 Yeli Guma   The effect of heat treatment on the microstructures and properties of 17-4PH stainless steel
01/08/14 Matthew Noble   Bubble lattice modelling using MOOSE
01/08/14 Evrard Lacroix
(INP Grenoble)
  An automated tool for neutron irradiation simulation
01/08/14 Zuliang Hong   Novel processing of ODS alloys
01/08/14 Phil Edmondson  

Radiation damage in perovskites

25/07/14 Dave Armstrong   The small-scale mechanics GRC meeting
25/07/14 Andrew London   Atom Probe of ODS steels
25/07/14 Bo-Shiuan Li:   Micro & macro fracture testing
25/07/14 Selim Barhli   Accurate calculation of J-integral from DIC results
11/07/14 Felix Hofmann   Effects of ion implantation on elastic modulus of tungsten.
11/07/14 Mikhail Lavrentiev
  Modelling of fcc Fe-Ni alloys
04/07/14 Yevhen Zayachuk  

Introduction and plans (plasma-surface interactions in W)

04/07/14 Masaki Tanaka
  BDT and dislocations in Fe
27/07/14 Isaure de Broglie   Evolution of helium-induced defects in tungsten with temperature
27/07/14 Jan Wrobel

Ab initio and Monte Carlo modelling of magnetic ternary Fe-Cr-Ni alloys and high-entropy W-Ta-V-Mo-Nb alloys

20/06/14 Andree De Backer (CCFE)  

 Modelling of Helium Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Austenitic Stainless Steels Using an Object Kinetic Monte Carlo Method; &
Outline of the new “Open Source SRIM”

20/06/14 Sarah Connelly   Micromechanical deformation of ODS alloys
20/06/14 Bo-Shiuan Li   Microfracture testing
13/06/14 Slava Kuksenko  

report from the “RaDIATE” kick-off meeting.

13/06/14 Yina Huang   TEM analysis of 14Y and 14H ODS materials;
Flash-polishing of FIB lift-out TEM samples
06/06/14 Katie Plummer  

 High T testing of Mo

06/06/14 Daniel Thompson   Dislocation dynamics modelling of climb & glide in ODS Fe
06/06/14 Chris Jones   Scale effects in mechanics of ODS alloys
06/06/14 Steve Fitzgerald   Modelling of solute-SIA interactions
30/05/14 no meeting    
23/05/14 Joven Lim   nm - scale precipitates in thermally aged ferritic steels
23/05/14 Luis Saucedo Mora   "what we did at the Synchrotron last month"
23/05/14 Alan Xu   Clustering and hardening in W-Re-Os
16/05/14 Michal Dagan   FIM image interpretation
16/05/14 1st year talk Rehearsals  

Bo-Shiuan Li: Micro-Fracture Tests of Nuclear Materials
Matthew Noble: Bubble Lattices in Nuclear Materials
Yeli Guma: Heat treatment &irradiation of Fe-based reactor materials
James Sayers: Hydrogen pick-up in zirconium alloys

09/05/14 1st year talk Rehearsals  

Junnan Jiang: Mechanical Testing of Grain Boundary Sliding
Selim Barhli: DIC of cracks and defects

09/05/14 Felix Hofmann   and James Gibson , Xiaoou Yi, Christian Beck:
MRS Spring meeting
02/05/14 Francesco Ferroni   Modelling work with Brian Wirth as part of DTN collaboration
02/05/14 Felix Hofmann  

Preliminary results from recent experiments at the APS on helium-implanted tungsten

25/04/14 No meeting   No meeting
11/04/14 Martina Meisnar   HR analytical TEM study of stress corrosion cracking in stainless steels
04/04/14 Maria Auger   Atom probe studies of ODS alloys
04/04/14 Bo-Shuan Li
Katie Plummer
  Report on CNRS Mecano gradschool on small-scale mechanics
28/03/14 Selim Barhli   Quantification of DIC accuracy for crack and defects analysis
28/03/14 Steve Roberts
  Report on NEUP/IRP meeting on ion "vs" neutron irradiation
21/03/14 Yeli Guma   Thermal aging effects on microstructure & properties of 17-4PH steel
21/03/14 Peter Wells
  Evolution of Mn-Ni-Si phases in irradiated RPV steels
21/03/14 Luis Saucedo
  QUBE - Numerical damage modelling
14/03/14 Mike Jenkins
  TEM techniques for characterization of neutron and charged particle irradiated microstructure (whole meeting)
07/03/14 Ed Tarleton   Schontal symposium on dislocation plasticity - summary
07/03/14 Jing Hu    Zr: new data from t-EBSD in Manchester
07/03/14 Howard Chan
  Zirconium hydrides - synthesis and micromechanics
28/02/14 Karl Whittle (Sheffield)   Disorderly Behaviour in Nuclear Materials
28/02/14 2nd year D.phils  

Departmental talk rehearsals:
Zuliang Hong, Jenny Zelenty, Thomas Aarholt

21/02/14 Dave Armstrong   Hot hardness of tungsten
21/02/14 Ele Grieveson   Lift-out TEM of nanoindents in ODS steels
14/02/14 James Gibson   Hot nanoindentation of tungsten
14/02/14 Bo-Shuan Li   DIC & fracture testing
07/02/14 Steve Roberts   The DCF and the new NEUP/IRP Project
07/02/14 Andy London    Low temperature ion irradiation of ODS steels
07/02/14 Katie Plummer   Mechanical testing of molybdenum
31/01/14 Luis Saucedo    QUBE - Numerical damage modelling
21/01/14 Christian
  Acoustic waves in implanted W alloys
21/01/14 Luis Saucedo   Residual
crystal strains in graphite by diffraction.
14/01/14 Steve Fitzgerald   Modelling of dislocation climb under irradiation
14/01/14 Francesco Ferroni   Thermal annealing of radiation defects in tungsten
14/01/14 Mark Gilbert (CCFE)  

Recoil spectra in n-irradiated Fe, W. and Ni, and isotopic tailoring of Mo.

07/01/14 Slava Kuksenko   Introduction and background
07/01/14 Aidan Robinson   Bubble lattices
13/12/13 Francesco Ferroni   Electron Microscopy and Modelling meeting summary
13/12/13 Xiaoou Yi   In-situ He irradiations into tungsten
13/12/13 Steffen Antusch (KIT)   Powxder-injection-moulded tungsten
06/12/13 David Armstrong &
Alan Xu
  Rhenium segregation in tungsten ion irradiated W-Re alloys and its effect on hardness
06/12/13 James Gibson  

Brittle ductile transition in neutron-irradiated W
Strain rate & temperature effects on hardness of He-irradiated W

29/11/13     No meeting
22/11/13     Advisory Panel meeting
15/11/13 Daniel Mason   Elastic trapping of dislocation loops in irradiated tungsten foil
15/11/13 Maria Auger  

Effect of yttrium addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ODS RAF steels

08/11/13 Yelena

Quantitative 3D characterisation of sub-indentation cracking in polycrystalline alumina

08/11/13 Mark Gilbert   Integrated assessment of material performance in a fusion reactor: Neutron transport, transmutation and activation, radiation damage, and
helium generation
01/11/13 Andy London  

 APT of ion irradiated Indian ODS steels

01/11/13 Phil Edmondson  

Highlights from
ICFRM & visit to INL. 

25/10/13 Joven Lim  

TEM work on neutron-irradiated steels:
Procedures for working with active materials.

18/10/13 Steve Roberts

MFFP group "State of the Union"

18/10/13 James Herring  

Nanoindentation testing of grain boundary strength

11/10/13 No meeting    
04/10/13 Steffen Antusch (KIT)

Mechanical testing of powder-injected-moulded
dispersion-strengthened tungsten alloys

04/10/13 Zuliang Hong   Rapid-solidification processing of ODS steels.
20/09/13 No meeting   Workshop week!
13/09/13 Julia Berger (Leoben)   Indentation studies of nanocrystalline ferrous alloys
13/09/13 Francesco Ferroni   DD modelling of loops in W
GPU speed-up of DD modelling
06/09/13 Mike Gorley   Processing of ODS alloys
06/09/13 Daniel Thompson   Dislocation dynamics modelling of ODS hardening
06/09/13 Chris Burrows   Helium in ODS alloys
30/08/13 Andre Nemeth (KIT)   Mechnanical behaiour of thin W foils

Ed Tarleton

  Size effects in micro-cantilever bending
02/08/13 Maria Auger   Introduction
26/07/13 Chu Chun Fu (CEA)   Properties of He in Fe grain boundaries from atomistic simulations
26/07/13 Yina Huang   9Cr Alloy RIS Study
12/07/13 Hongtao Zhang   ODS copper alloys
12/07/13 Andy London   Dresden ODS workshop
05/07/13 Romain Bizet, Sarah Bouchet,
Alexia Sergeant (interns at CCFE)
  From nuclear data to materials science: bridging the gap
05/07/13 Mike Gorley   Work at KIT on mechanical properties of ODS alloys
05/07/13 Julia Berger (Leoben)   Background and plans
28/06/13 John Evans   Gases in solids
21/06/13 Jing Hu   H pickup in Zr alloys
21/06/13 Mahmoud Mostafavi    X-ray tomography & digital volume correlation
21/06/13 James Gibson   High T Nanoindentation of W
21/06/13 Ed Tarleton   Modelling hydrogen embrittlement
03/06/13 Andre Nemeth (KIT)   BDT in thin W foil
03/06/13 Katie Plummer   High T nanoindentation of Mo
03/06/13 Thomas Aarholt   Hydrogen pick-up in Zr alloys
23/05/13 Aidan Robinson   TEM of bubble lattices
23/05/13 Matthew Jordan   Fracture in quasi-brittle materials
23/05/13 Kris Bhojwani   Radiation damage in ODS alloys
17/05/13 Howard Chan   Micromechanical testing of zirconium hydrides
17/05/13 Zuliang 
  Novel processing of ODS alloys
17/05/13 Michal Dagan   3D FIM of radiation damage in tungsten
17/05/13 Brian Setiadinata   Hydrogen pickup in zirconium alloys
10/05/13 Xiaoou Yi  

In-situ annealing of irradiated UHP-W.

10/05/13 Francesco Ferroni   DD simulations of radiation damage loops in W.
03/05/13 Dave Armstrong   Mechanical testing (Advisory Panel Meeting)
03/05/13 Hongtao Zhang / Mike Gorley   Processing of ODS alloys (Advisory Panel Meeting)
03/05/13 Sergei Dudarev   Modelling (Advisory Panel Meeting)
22/03/13 Massey de los Reyes (ANSTO)   Nuclear materials:
Characterisation and damage in oxide ceramics
15/03/13 Felix Hofmann    Synchotron X-ray study of stresses in He-implanted W
01/03/13 Andrea Meinander
  High energy collision cascades in W
22/03/13 James Gibson   Micromechanics of ion-irradiated W
22/03/13 Alan Xu   APT of low dose radiation damage in W-Re alloys
15/02/13 François Willaime
  Overview of CEA research and DFT modelling of defects and dislocations
08/02/13 Dave Armstrong    Dynamic strain ageing in high-T nanoindentation of iron
30/01/13 Phil Edmondson   Thermal
and displacement effects on He bubbles
11/01/13 Daniel Thompson:  

Dislocation dynamics modelling

11/01/13 Chris Burrows   Processing & characterisation of ODS alloys
07/11/12 Duc Ngyen-Manh (CCFE)   Noble gas atom / defect interactions in W
07/11/12 Dave Armstrong   He and Ne implantation in W
07/11/12 Alan Xu   APT of W-25Re alloys
30/11/12 Leo Ma (CCFE)   Spin-lattice dynamics
23/11/12 Alan Xu   APT of W-Re alloys
23/11/12 James Gibson
  Mechanical properties of ion-irradiated tungsten
16/11/12 Christian Beck    
09/11/12 No Meeting  
02/11/12 Joven Lim   Radiation damage and precipitation in nuclear steels
26/10/12 Xiaoou Yi   In-situ TEM of self-ion irradiation effects in W & W-alloys
26/10/12 Alisa Stratulat   Crack initiation in 304SS in SCC
26/10/12 Chris Burrows   Microstructural (APT)
characterisation of model ODS alloys.
11/10/12 Steve Roberts   MFFP and related work - State of Play
05/10/12 George Smith   SOFT Meeting
05/10/12 Steffen Antusch (KIT)   Powder Injection Moulding of W alloy components
28/09/12 Ben Britton   Deformation of zirconium
21/09/12 Dan Schreiber (PNNL)   APT investigations of metallic and glass corrosion problems
21/09/12 Hongtao Zhang   Spark plasma sintering of ODS alloys
07/09/12 Dave Armstrong   Effects of He+ on Tungsten
17/08/12 Maria Auger   ODS alloys at UC3M
03/08/12 Joven Lim   Radiation damage mechanisms in RPV steels
03/08/12 Ele Grieveson   Mechanical testing of He implanted ODS alloys
27/07/12 Sean Yardley   Zirconium oxidation
27/07/12 Mike Gorley   Characterisation of hot isostatically
pressed ODS alloys
20/07/12 Nigel Knee (EdF)   Nuclear new build
06/07/12 Ben Britton,
Phil Edmondson,
Gareth Hughes
  Evaluation of the Tescan Xe plasma FIB-SEM – FERA3
29/06/12 Mark Gilbert   Nucleonics of fusion reactor materials
29/06/12 Mahmoud Mostafavi   Tomography of damage in nuclear materials
15/06/12 Chris Hardie   Dose rate effects in FeCr
15/06/12 Karen Kruska   Crack tip chemistry in stress-corrosion cracking  
08/06/12 Jan Hoffmann (KIT)   ODS steels with different oxides (MgO, La2O3, Ce2O3 and ZrO2)
01/06/12 1st year D.Phil students   Project updates
01/06/12 Steve Roberts   Programme grant status overview
25/05/12 Dave Armstrong   Tungsten micromechanics update
25/05/12 Francesco Romanelli (EFDA)   The EFDA programme
18/05/12 Mike Gorley & Chris Burrows   ODS processing update
18/05/12 Lee Packer   Neutronics calculations and calibrations
11/05/12 Xiaoou Yi  

In-situTEM of radiation damage in W alloys

04/05/12 Ed Tarleton  

Analyses of size effects in crystalline materials

27/04/12 Pedro Rivera (Cambridge)   Modelling plasticity employing statistical mechanics concepts
23/03/12 Anna Widdowson
  Erosion/Deposition and Fuel Retention Studies on JET
16/03/12 Katie Plummer   Micro-scale measurement of elastic moduli
16/03/12 Chris Hutton   Slip bands and EAC in 304 stainless steel
01/03/12 Karl Dawson   SLS processing of ODS alloys
01/03/12 Thomas Bogelein   TEM of ODS alloys
24/02/12 James Herring   Micromechanics
24/02/12 Chris Burrows   He effects in ODS alloys
24/02/12 Christian Beck   Processing and properties of W alloys
17/02/12 Ele  Grieveson   Mechanical properties of He implanted ODS alloys
17/02/12 Mike Gorley   Processing of ODS alloys
17/02/12 Joven Lim   Radiation
Damage Mechanisms in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels

Alan Haigh

  EC Research Fund
for Coal and Steel
10/02/12     General discussion meeting
03/02/12 Sean Yardley   Oxidation of Zr alloys
27/01/12 Mitsuhiro
Itakura (JAEA)
  H effects on dislocation motion in Fe
27/01/12 Hideo
Kaburaki (JAEA)
  1st principles calculations of H embrittlement of Fe grain boundaries
20/01/12 Natalie Tillack   First principles calculations on ODS steels

Alan Xu
Steve Roberts

  Visit to ANSTO
Summary of OECD NEA EGSIM Meeting

Chris Burrows
Ed Tarleton


He implantation into ODS alloys
Dislocation dynamics modelling of micro-cantilevers

25/11/11 Phil Edmondson   Radiation damage in ceramics and semiconductors
18/11/11     Advisory Panel meeting - 4 research presentations
11/11/11 Katie Plummer
Chris Hutton
  Oscillating microcantilevers
Strain mapping

Mike Gorley, Hongtao Zhang
& Gordon Tatlock

  ODS alloy process and joining
28-10-11 Angus Wilkinson   Microcantilever testing of Ti alloys
21-10-11 Masaki Tanaka (U.Kyushu)   HVEM tomography of dislocations at crack tips
07-10-11 Steve Roberts   "Stae of the Union"
09-09-11 Ben Britton   Micromechanical testing of zirconium
09-09-11 Sean Yardley   Zirconium oxidation and hydrogenation
02-09-11 Mahmoud Mostafavi,   3D Damage Nucleation in Energy Materials
22-07-11 Ed Tarleton   FEA modelling of composites & dislocation dynamics modelling of cantilevers
22-07-11 Marc Fivel (INPG)   Multiscale Simulations of Indentation
15-07-11 Sergio Lozano-Perz   Grain boundary corrosion and fracture
08-07-11 Joel Malaplate (CEA)   ODS alloy work at CEA

Martha Briceno

Xiaoou Yi


In-situ TEM of irradiation of ODS alloys

In-situ TEM of irradiation of Walloys


Natalie Tillack

Dave Armstrong/
James Marrow

Steve Fitzgerald


Modelling of ODS alloys

"I'm a scientist, get me out of here!"

Modelling of atom-probe imaging


Aurore Fagette

Julien Lacharnay


Tomography of nuclear graphite

Fracture of W-Ta alloys


Jaime Marian (LLNL)

Shuo Xu


Very large scale simulations of materials

TEM of dose rate effects on damage in FeCr

18-03-11 Benjamin Fournier (CEA)   ODS Steels
11-03-11 Lee Packer (CCFE)   Neutronics and nuclear data experiments in support of fusion technology

Shuo Xu

Xiaoou Yi

Chris Hardie

Alisa Stratulat


TEM of ion-irradiated Fe-Cr

TEM of ion-irradiated W and W alloys

Micromechanical testing of ion-irradiated Fe-Cr

Micromechanics of stress-corrosion cracking

4-02-2011 Birmingham materials   Birmingham cyclotron

Chris Hardie

Mark Gilbert


Dose rate effects on radiation damage

Activity levels in n-irradiated steels

17-12-2010 Ele Grieveson   Dresden Ion Irradiation course

Shuo Xu

Steve Fitzgerald


TEM of ion-irradiated Fe-Cr

Dislocation loop shapes in irradiated Fe


Dave Armstrong

Andy Bushby (QML)


Irradiation effects on pile-up and apparent modulus in W

Ball-indenting of irradiated Fe-12Cr

15-10-2010  Kiyohiro Yabuuchi (Kyoto)     n- and ion- irradiation of dilute Fe alloys
Steve Roberts    "State of the Union"
01-10-2010 Sergei Dudarev   Dose rate effects on radiation damage
24-09-2010 Ceri Williams   APT studies of Ferritic ODS alloys
17-09-2010 Leo Ma   Temperature of magnetic moments
10-09-2010 James Marrow   X-ray Tomographic studies of nuclear materials
03-09-2010 Hongtao Zhang   Ferritic ODS alloy processing

Angus Wilkinson

Chris Hardie


Activity levels in n-irradiated materials

Dose rate effects

07-05-2010  Mike Jenkins
  Radiation damage in W irradiated with Au ions


Tom Davis and Matt Lloyd