Workshop on ODS alloys for nuclear applications

The MFFP group organised a three-day workshop in Oxford on Oxide-dispersion strengthened Alloys for Nuclear Applications, 24-26 September 2012.

The meeting was centred on about a dozen keynote lectures (of ~ 1 hour) and gave ample time for discussions centred around the lectures and two substantial poster sessions where "work in progress" was reported. The meeting was low cost (£400 all-inclusive), so as to encourage participation from active research students and postdocs. The general organisation of the workshop was similar to those held in 2010 on micromechanics and in 2011 on ion-irradiation.

Speakers were:

Iver Anderson (Ames Laboratory, USA),
Carlos Capdevila-Montes (CENIM-CSIC, Spain)
Yann de Carlan (CEA, France)
Vanessa de Castro (UC3M, Spain),
Patrick Grant (Oxford University, UK)
Akihiko Kimura (Kyoto University, Japan)
Bob Odette (UCSB, USA),
Manuel A Pouchon (PSI, Switzerland),
Gordon Tatlock (Liverpool University, UK),
Shigeharu Ukai (Hokkaido University Japan),
Ceri Williams (Oxford University, UK),
Brian Wirth (University of Tennessee, USA)