Workshop on Tungsten for Nuclear Applications, September 2013

The MFFP group is organising a three-day workshop in Oxford on Tungsten for Nuclear Applications.
Dates will be 9.00 23 September -13.00 25 September 2013. The meeting will immediately precede the Workshop on Modelling, so that attendance at both is possible.

Registration is now open.

The meeting will be centred on about a dozen keynote lectures (50 minutes) and will give ample time for discussions centred around the lectures and two substantial poster sessions where "work in progress" will be reported. The meeting will be low cost (£400 all-inclusive), so as to encourage participation from active research students and postdocs.

Speakers confirmed so far are:

  • Michael Rieth, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.
  • Gerald Pintsuk, Forschungzentrum Julich
  • Xiaoou Yi, Oxford University
  • Reinhard Pippan, Leoben University
  • Sergei Dudarev, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
  • Jaime Marian, Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab.
  • Guy Matthews, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
  • Christian Linsmeier, Forschungzentrum Julich  / Garching
  • Klaus Schmid, IPP Garching
  • Jens Reiser, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.
  • Akira Hasegawa, Tohoku University

Accommodation will be provided at St Edmund Hall, one of the historic colleges of Oxford. Lectures, poster sessions and workshops will held in Oxford University Materials and Engineering Departments.