Andy R. Jones

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Director, Business Gateway

Research and Business Services
University of Liverpool
Foresight Building
3 Brownlow Street
L69 3GL

+44 (0) 151 794 8026

Andy Jones has worked for more than 30 years on correlations between processing and microstructure in precipitation and dispersion strengthened ferritic and austenitic steels (including grain boundary and recrystallisation behaviour); particularly ODS alloys produced by mechanical alloying. He has worked at the University of Cambridge, Risœ Laboratory Denmark, TWI Cambridge, UKAEA Risley and the University of Liverpool. He has led LINK and BRITE projects and authored and participated in an FP5 project focused on manipulating microstructure to enhance creep performance in ferritic ODS alloy tubes. He has also worked for over a decade in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA on control of defects and microstructure in ferritic ODS alloys for fossil energy systems. He is Director of the KTP Centre at the University of Liverpool where he has gained significant experience of knowledge exchange activities with industry.