Ben Britton

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Postdoctoral Researcher 2011-2012

Ben is now a Lecturer / RAEng Research Fellow at Imperial College.

Ben Britton specialises in understanding deformation at the small scale. His previous work has focussed extensively on understanding dislocation storage, slip transfer and elastic deformation in cubic (iron and copper) and hexagonal (zinc, titanium and Ti-6Al-4V) materials. Together with Angus Wilkinson he has extended high resolution electron backscatter diffraction for strain and rotation to measure dislocation densities with a spatial resolution of ~50nm and density resolution of 1011 to 1016 per square metre. This analysis has been used on deformed microstructures, including uniaxial tension and rolled Ti-6Al-4V, nano/micro-indention in commercially pure titanium, copper and silicon.

Ben joined the project team in September 2010.  He will be using a combination of many micro-mechanical techniques (nano-indentation, SEM/TEM, EBSD, FIB) to investigate deformation at small scales, especially in ion-irradiated materials.