Hongtao Zhang

team member photo
Postdoctoral Researcher 2009-2013

Hongtao now has a Academic Staff position at the University of Loughborough.

Hongtao’s PhD research at Queen Mary University of London was on the processing and electrical properties of lead-free bismuth layer-structured ferroelectric ceramics with high Curie point. This was followed by postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford on intercalation compound based actuators for applications in aerostructures. He specialises in powder processing by using high energy ball milling, vacuum hot press sintering and spark plasma sintering (SPS) to produce nano-powders, textured and nano-grained materials.
Hongtao joined the project team in August 2010. He developed processing routes for the manufacture of oxide-dispersion-strengthened ferrous based alloys for subsequent microstructural and mechanical testing.