Steve E. Donnelly

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Professor of Engineering Materials

University of Huddersfield

+44 (0) 1484 472304

Steve Donnelly was Professor of Experimental Physics in the Physics Department at Salford and Dean of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Environment before moving to Huddersfield as Professor of Engineering Materials and Head of Department of Engineering and Technology in 2011. In January 2012, he became acting Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering. Steve has spent extended periods working on collaborative projects at a number of laboratories overseas including Argonne National Laboratory in the US and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan. He has long-standing research collaborations with the University of Poitiers in France where he has been a visiting professor on a number of occasions. He is a member of the scientific advisory committee of the French EMIR ion-accelerator network and of the steering committee of the EPSRC National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM and of the user selection committee of the European SPIRIT ion-accelerator network.

In recent years, the bulk of his research has involved TEM, often using in-situ ion accelerator / TEM facilities in the US and Japan. He is currently PI on an EPSRC-funded project concerned with the building and use of such a facility in the UK (EP/E017266/1). The major thrust of research using this facility is in the study of nuclear reactor materials (both fission and fusion) with a smaller activity in the area of radiation damage in semiconductors. The Huddersfield facility is unique in its ability to implant low energy He (as well as a range of ions at energies up to 200 keV). Other current projects include an 1.8M€ EU-funded FP6 project in nanotechnology (CRAFT Proj. 32732). He is also a former editor of the The Skeptic magazine for which he writes a regular column.