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Programme grant studentships
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October 2014 - March 2018

We are now recruiting for students in the areas of materials for fusion and fission power, to start in October 2014 (both at Oxford University and at Liverpool University). Please direct preliminary enquiries to Steve Roberts. Project titles for 2014 start are still to be decided, and will depend to some extent on progress this year, but will probably include:

1. Comparison of effects of ion irradiation and neutron irradiation damage.

2. Effects of radiation damage on mechanical properties of silicon carbide.

3. Synergistic effects of hydrogen & helium irradiation in fusion materials.

4. Microstructural stability under irradiation of nuclear alloys.

5. Joining methods for oxide-dispersion strengthened steels.

6. Tungsten composites and coatings.

7. Modelling of evolution and effects of radiation damage defects.


Projects in other areas related to materials for fusion and fission power are also very likely to be available.


Further details are here:


Note that for all projects, full funding is available only for EU/UK nationals -
applicants of other nationalities will need to be able to provide full
or part-funding from their own resources.


For informal discussions about projects, contact Professor Steve Roberts.

However, please note that applications must be made through the graduate studies offices:

Postgraduate study in materials, University of Oxford;

Postgraduate study in enginering, University of Liverpool.