Paul Bagot

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Departmental Lecturer
3-D Atom Probe
Department of Materials
University of Oxford
Parks Road
Oxford   OX1 3PH
+44 1865 273711
+44 1865 273700

Summary of Interests

  • Atomic-scale behaviour of Pt-based alloy catalyst materials in gaseous environments
  • Catalytic core-shell nanoparticles
  • Materials for nuclear power
  • Instrument development for Atom Probe Tomography
  • Gas-liquid interfacial scattering
  • Molecular Dynamics simulations of liquid interfaces/particles

Current Research Projects

Catalytic atom probe
Professor G.D.W. Smith, Dr. P. Bagot, T. Li, Dr. T. Visart*, Professor N. Kruse*
A specially adapted atom probe, incorporating a gas reaction cell, has been developed in order to permit the atomic scale study of catalytic reaction processes. (*Free University of Brussels.) (In collaboration with Johnson Matthey) (Funded by the EPSRC)